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Posted 4 months ago

♡♡ CAN’T DEAL WITH EM. WANTS DOGE BABY SO BADLY ♡♡ #cries #personal #myauntgot5pups #dogs #puppies #sob

Posted 10 months ago

Instagram bugged for me earlier but yeah! Have a warming day how ever if you celebrate Christmas or not. Thank you for all my followers that I have now over 1300 followers in Instagram, it feels so big amount but I always stalk you when you bomb in my activity feed hehe. Have a great day and don’t ever stop smiling - you are beautiful. #me #xmas #dogs #nakkidoesntapprove

Posted 1 year ago

Posted 1 year ago

Bitches going out #dogs (at Ropakko)

Posted 2 years ago

My sweet hearts Emma the yorkie and my sister’s dog Nakki also known as Ellu. 
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